In new Ghost Mode from Hitman 2 two players can compete against each other

Hitman 2 gets a competitive Ghost mode. Two players compete with each other in two different instances of the same game world with the same targets. The first with five successful assassinations wins.

Developer Io-Interactive announces the new feature with a trailer. In mode, players start without equipment, so everything has to be found in the game world. If the opponent makes a kill the other person has 20 seconds according to the trailer to make that kill, but if there are witnesses, it does not count. The fact that the worlds are instanced means that chaotic situations are only the problem of the one who causes them.

Cooperative play is also possible in Hitman 2. In the earlier revealed ] game mode Sniper Assassin allows two players to work together as snipers to eliminate targets. The second shooter makes it possible, for example, to eliminate a target and a witness of the first firing at the same time.

Hitman 2 is released on November 14 for the PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One. The future of the franchise was just as uncertain when suddenly it turned out that then studio owner Square Enix put the game maker in the shop window because of disappointing revenues. However, Io-Interactive has committed a so-called management buyout and is now an independent studio, complete with the rights for the Hitman games.