Huawei: Android 10 interface Emui 10 runs on 100 million devices

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The Android 10-based software Emui 10 is now installed on 100 million Huawei devices. That is a doubling in two months. Emui 10 was first released in August last year.

The figure of 100 million Emui 10 users worldwide reports GizChina based on reports from the Chinese site ITHome and a posting from Huawei’s software chief. This figure is striking, as Huawei wrote on January 22 that 50 million users had installed the Emui 10 version. In February, Huawei had a total of 600 million active users.

Emui 10 adds, among other things, a full dark mode, an interface that should respond faster and improvements for the GPU. The version is available for phones like the P30 (Pro), P20 (Pro) and Mate 10 (Pro). Huawei can no longer release new phones with Google Play Services due to the trade ban imposed by the US government. Huawei is in the process of putting forward its own Huawei Mobile Services as an alternative.

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