Samsung begins mass production of power controllers for wireless earphones

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Samsung has started mass production of power management integrated circuits for its own wireless earbuds. The pmics of the Galaxy Buds support true wireless stereo and can soon be used by other manufacturers.

Samsung is coming with two chips: the MUA01 and the MUB01, the company writes. These are used for the charging boxes and the earbuds themselves, respectively. For now, the MUA01 and MUB01 are only available in the Galaxy Buds+ buds, but Samsung is now going to mass-produce them for use in other earbuds.

According to Samsung, the MUA01 and MUB01 are half the size of previous alternatives. This gives manufacturers more room for batteries, the company says. The pmics support true wireless stereo, where two wireless earbuds work together without having a wire in between. Earphones can also charge wirelessly with Qi 1.2.4. The pmics also have embedded flash or eFlash, so that other manufacturers can put their own firmware on the chips. The chips also receive support for power line communication.

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