HTC presents standalone VR headset with Qualcomm Snapdragon soc

HTC has announced a VR headset of which all components have been incorporated into the glasses themselves. So no cables, external sensors or a PC are required. The glasses run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, have software from HTC and are currently only available in China.

In the Vive Standalone, all components such as the gpu, battery and position sensors are in the glasses themselves; the vr headset does not need to be powered by an external PC or smartphone. VentureBeat reports that the glasses will run on a Snapdragon 835 soc from Qualcomm, the same soc found in current high-end phones like the HTC U11 and OnePlus 5.

The glasses work via Viveport, HTC’s platform where users can download various VR apps and games for the headset. This differs from the VR glasses that HTC is going to make for Google, which works on the Daydream platform. It is possible that HTC will later release these VR glasses with Daydream software. It is also different from the VR glasses that work in conjunction with the U11 smartphone. It is not yet known what the price and other specifications of the Vive Standalone, or when the device will be released.