HTC opens Viveport download store to Oculus Rift users

HTC has opened the Viveport game download store to users of the Oculus Rift. About one in seven titles in Viveport can be played on the Rift. Users must create a Viveport account.

Downloads work via the Viveport software for desktops, HTC says. Downloaded games then appear in the Viveport Library in the Oculus Rift interface, according to the manual. For example, they are playable on the Facebook daughter’s Rift headset.

Of the 1,400 titles in Viveport, about 200 are playable on the Rift, claims The Verge. Rift users can also take out a subscription, which allows them to play five games per month for a fixed fee.

Opening up Viveport to the Rift is a sign that exclusivity doesn’t seem to be a big factor in virtual reality. A few years ago there was still fear that Oculus and HTC would try to release games exclusively for their own headsets.

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