HP makes ‘privacy screen’ for tn-panel laptops

HP has made a ‘privacy screen’ for tn panels on laptops. On laptops that have the privacy screen, users can activate it at any time by pressing the Fn+F2 key combination.

Then Sure View comes into effect, whereby the screen is almost dark at a small angle and can no longer be seen at all at a larger angle. At an angle, 95 percent of the light is lost from the screen, HP claims.

The option, which will be available as a $75 add-on on various models, will ensure that other people in addition to the user themselves will no longer be able to read the screen, something that should come in handy, for example, when business users view trade secrets on publicly available websites. places. Now users can only do that by pasting a filter on the screen that fulfills this function.

HP Sure View currently has drawbacks. In addition to the additional cost, the screen is less bright when Sure View is off and a lot less bright when the function is on. In addition, it only works on TN panels, which are considered inferior to the IPS LCDs often found on more expensive laptops. HP also wants Sure View to work on IPS screens, but it’s not there yet.

Sure View will be available as an option in September in the United States on the Elitebook 840 and Elitebook 1040. That will first be on the variants with touchscreen, from October also on versions without a touch-sensitive screen.

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