HP actively promotes Windows 7 on consumer PCs

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HP has begun touting a number of consumer PCs that run on Windows 7. The predecessor of Windows 8 is now being brought back to the spotlight by HP as one of the first major computer manufacturers.

Under the slogan ‘back by popular demand’, HP shows on its site some Pavilion and Envy desktops and laptops that come with Windows 7. In addition, the computer manufacturer promises an extra discount that could go up to 150 dollars. The other PCs and laptops that HP sells to consumers come standard with Windows 8.1.

It has been some time since a major computer manufacturer such as HP was still actively promoting systems that run on the older Windows 7, although buyers of a system can request a ‘downgrade’ for a Windows 7 license key. Other PC manufacturers also use this system. but praise Windows 8.1 machines in their commercial expressions.

With the ‘re-introduction’ of Windows 7 systems in its consumer offer, HP seems to want to respond to a preference for this operating system among users, who still do not seem to be enthusiastic about Windows 8. According to rumors, criticism could also be made within Microsoft. are on the operating system and are therefore already working on a successor that would be called Windows 9. This operating system should be available in April 2015.

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