How to Un-Register Phone number from Google’s RCS Chat

Google recommends users to turn off RCS instant messaging services on their supported devices before switching to avoid such issue. However, if you’ve already switched to a new smartphone and are experiencing messaging issues, then you should follow some of the simple methods below.

Disable RCS chat features

If you have the device on which you have enabled the RCS messaging, you can quickly disable the messaging features. Follow some of the simple steps below.

Step 1. Click Here to install Google Messages app.

Step 2. Now go to ‘Settings’ by a tap on the three-dot menu icon

Step 3. On the Settings page, select “Chat Features”

Step 4. Switch off to “Enable Chat Features”

Step 5. You will now receive a confirmation message. Just tap on it ‘Turn off’ option.

That is it! You’re done.

Register your phone to disable RCS chat

If you don’t have the old phone with you, you can still unsubscribe your phone number from RCS messages. Google has created an online form for Android users to unsubscribe/disable RCS chat on their phone number.

Step 1. First, open this link from your web browser.

Step 2. Now you will see a screen like below.

Step 3. Now enter your phone number and click on it ‘Send code’ button.

Step 4. Your phone number will receive a six-digit verification code.

Step 5. Now copy and paste the code into the second field. Then click on the ‘Verify’ button.

Step 6. Now you will receive a confirmation message that “Chat features have been disabled”.

That is it! You’re done.