Say no. is an online template portal that can help you provide a wide variety of templates that convey denial or “say no” to different types of customers or offers.

These templates can help you find words suitable for any type of situation you may have struggled with before.

These templates are developed by These templates are easy to use and you can do that too import all of these templates into your Gmail account by registering your Gmail ID. You can see examples of how this template will put your negation message on the website.

There are different categories included when creating these templates like interviews, meetings, request to attend social events, seller, investors. You can also use these templates not only for professional use, but also for personal use, such as refusing request from pushy people, saying no to dating, etc.

While browsing this website, you can add your chosen template directly to your Gmail account by clicking the “Add this template to Gmail& # 39 ;.

Now all you have to do is add the person’s name and designation to the template you will be using and then send the person your denial message without any problem. You can try these templates here.