Delete Facebook messages at once, you can download the Chrome extension called Delete all messages for Facebook . This helps you to remove bulk messages from your Facebook account.

After this extension is installed in your Chrome browser, an icon will be displayed next to the address bar. From here you can access your Facebook account and choose options to delete messages.

 select selective chat heads to delete

You can now log in to your Facebook account and click on the extension icon. The extension analyzes your conversation and shows two ways to delete Facebook messages; Delete all messages and Select & Delete.

  1. If you choose to delete the option Delete all messages on Facebook are deleted immediately. And if you choose another option, which is better, you get checkboxes to select multiple chats and delete them in one go. You can select all chats or choose only those chats that you want to delete in bulk.

Because not all messages are redundant, some may be important, so you can choose the second option to select chats. It’s that simple. Click Here to install this extension.