How to Hide Your Profile Picture in Telegram (Android)

Telegram provides more privacy and security features to its users. These features include the ability to restrict others from taking screenshots, app lock with a passcode, and much more. Telegram also allows users to hide their profile picture on Telegram. With this feature, users can hide their profile picture from selected contacts. To use this feature just follow these simple steps.
Step 1. Update your Telegram to the latest version from Google Play Store.
Step 2. Open Telegram and tap on three horizontal lines.
Step 3. Now select from the menu list ‘Settings’
Step 4. Tap the ‘Privacy and security’ on the Settings page.
Step 5. Tap the ‘Profile photos’ under Privacy and Security,
Step 6. Now select ‘My contacts’ under who can see my profile pictures and videos.
Step 7. Now you see two more options, ‘Always allow’ and ‘Never allow’
Step 8. The Always allow feature lets you add users or groups that can see your profile picture.
Step 9. On the Never allow field, add contacts, users or groups to hide your profile picture of.
Step 10. Once done, tap the check mark is located in the top right corner of the screen.