Homefront: The Revolution moves to 2016

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Publisher Deep Silver announces that Homefront: The Revolution will no longer be released this year and will hit the market sometime in 2016. The publisher needs more time as the project was acquired from Crytek. The game is being made by Deep Silver’s new Dambuster Studios.

After some problems surrounding the acquisition of Crytek in 2014, Deep Silver’s new Dambuster Studios is now ‘on steam’, according to the German publisher. The English studio now has 126 employees working on the project and, after a messy history, Homefront: The Revolution is on the agenda for 2016.

The problems surrounding Homefront: The Revolution stem from the bankruptcy of the original publisher THQ. He released the first part of the series in 2011, after which developer Kaos Studios started working on a successor. However, the studio was sucked into the bankruptcy of owner THQ in 2013 and ceased to exist. The rights to the series were sold to the German Crytek, which transferred the development of the game, which was then simply known as Homefront 2, to its own studio in England. In 2014, however, Crytek also ran into financial difficulties. It then sold the rights to Homefront to Deep Silver, which had already been acquired as the game’s publisher. Crytek subsequently closed the studio in Nottingham, England, after which Deep Silver established a new studio in the same city under the name Dambuster Studios. There, development of the game continued, by largely the same staff.

Under the banner of Crytek, the new Homefront had already shifted from a linear shooter to an open-world game. The new game, now dubbed Homefront: The Revolution, takes place two years after the events of the original game. The US is still occupied by a Korean occupation force, which rules with a heavy hand. The action has moved, however, from the US West Coast to the East Coast. There, in Philadelphia, the player steps into the shoes of Ethan Brady, who takes on the local resistance against the Korean People’s Army. The game is planned for Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Whether all versions appear at once is unknown.

Our video preview of Homefront: The Revolution, then owned by Crytek

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