Hitman 2016 faces review bombing on GOG due to drm

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Users of online game store GOG are dissatisfied with how the company offers the 2016 game Hitman on its platform. GOG does not state that an account is required to use all features of the game and which features are missing without an account. It also calls the game DRM-free.

The game has been on GOG for a few days now. On the product page for Hitman, the store writes that “an internet connection is required to access Escalation missions, Elusive Targets or user-created contracts.” What GOG does not mention in this, as the many reviewing users on the site also point out, is the fact that decrypting equipment, outfits and new starting locations within missions is not possible without an internet connection. In addition, GOG does not talk about a mandatory account at all; an internet connection alone makes no difference.

Elsewhere on the product page, GOG also mentions that all games on its platform are DRM-free. That is not correct in this case: Hitman 2016 always has online drm. Several users therefore state that Hitman in its current form simply does not fit on GOG.

In response to the situation, users have turned to review bombing. They give the game a massive negative rating to express their dissatisfaction. That is not without success: the game has an average score of 1.4 stars on a scale of 5.

GOG has responded to the case. An employee thanks the community for bringing the matter to their attention, says the company is looking into it and will provide new information “in the coming weeks.” She also underlines that players can request their money back and warns that review bombing will not be tolerated.

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