HGST delivers HDD with 1.8TB storage and 10,000rpm rotation speed

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WD’s HGST has started delivery of the Ultrastar C10K1800. According to the company, it is the 2.5″ HDD that can rotate at 10,000 rpm with the highest capacity to date. A special caching method has also been applied for the enterprise drives.

The maximum storage capacity of the previous Ultrastar series with 10K rotation speed was 1.2TB, but HGST has increased this to 1.8TB with the Ultrastar C10K1800 series. The manufacturer, part of WD, also comes with models with capacities of 420GB, 600GB and 900GB. The platters are mounted in an average 2.5″ housing with a thickness of 15 mm.

The amount of cache has not changed compared to the previous generation and is still 128MB. HGST also uses its media cache architecture. According to the manufacturer, it is a disk-based non-volatile cache technology, which would enable random writes up to two and a half times faster. Sequential speeds are said to be up to 23 percent faster than the previous generation. However, the manufacturer does not provide details about its caching method.

The drives have a 12Gbps SAS interface and use Advanced Format. This means that the sectors are 4096 bytes in size, while the disk presents 512 byte sectors to the operating system. This prevents problems with compatibility with outdated operating systems and applications. Finally, the company claims to have improved consumption and increased security options. The drives have now been delivered to system builders and will be available soon.

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