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Halo: Reach PC players can bypass anti-cheat software to use mods

Developer 343 Industries lets players bypass the Halo: Reach anti-cheat software on the PC. This allows users to install mods for the game. After the release, the developer will also add full mods support to the game.

343 Industries will release Halo: Reach for the PC this week. The Halo developer announced earlier that the PC port would receive support for mods after the release, but that this could take a while. The company says it is steadily working on full-fledged mod support. Users can disable the anti-cheat software at the release to use mods directly , the developer reports on Reddit . Players can thus play the game campaign and custom matches with mods.

Gamers who do this cannot participate in online games through matchmaking. To play those online modes, users must have an original game installation. The developer therefore advises players to make a backup of the game files so that players can switch easily.

Halo: Reach comes out for the PC on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. The game will be for sale via Steam and the Microsoft Store. Owners of the Xbox Game Pass can also play the game directly on the PC. In the future, other Halo games will also be released for the PC as part of The Master Chief Collection. Halo: Reach is the first title in this collection to be released.

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