Hacker sells data of 48.5 million people who used corona app Shanghai

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A hacker claims to have personal data of 48.5 million people who used Shanghai’s corona app. The data includes phone numbers and health information and is being offered for sale on a hacker forum for $4,000.

Hacker XJP’s database contains names, phone numbers, national identification numbers and health records of 47 million people and is according to Reuters offered for sale for $4000 on the hacker forum Breach Forums. “This database contains data from everyone who lives in Shanghai or has visited Shanghai since the introduction of the local corona app,” the description reads.

Hacker XJP also reportedly offers a sample containing data from 47 people. Reuters contacted these individuals and 11 of them confirmed that their data was actually in the database. However, in two of the eleven cases, the national identification number would be incorrect.

Through the local corona app, the Shanghai government can collect data about the inhabitants in the fight against the corona virus. The app is mandatory and can give users access to public places or events that are checked for the virus.

It is the second time in a relatively short time that data from Chinese residents has ended up in the hands of hackers. Hacker ChinaDan claimed to have stolen the personal data of 1 billion Chinese in July, after which he offered it for sale for 10 bitcoin. This data came from the Shanghai Police Department.

Update, 2.15 pm: The journalist in the source article initially writes about the number of users of the app and not about the number of inhabitants of the Chinese city of Shanghai. The introduction and title have been adapted accordingly, thanks to Jorgen. Original title: ‘Hacker sells stolen data of 48.5 million inhabitants of Shanghai’.

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