Hacker gets Doom working on Nintendo Game & Watch

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The Game & Watch Super Mario Bros can be added to the long line of devices that can run Doom. Hacker stacksmashing has gotten the old shooting game working on the handheld.

Stacksmashing said he was often asked if he could put Doom on his Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. The soc of this Game & Watch in a new guise is a Cortex-M7-soc that is powerful enough to run Doom. The hacker is the one who reported last week that he had performed the first steps to run modified ROMs on the handheld.

He already managed to bypass the encryption on the Game & Watch last week and later also to his own simple ROMs. get it up and running. Because of the latter, he exulted that homebrew was coming. Still, the road to turning Doom turned out to be one full of obstacles.

In a video he explains the steps he has taken and shows the end result. The number of different devices that Doom has gotten to work on is now endless. The game has been shown on an old Kodak camera, the Touch Bar of a MacBook Pro and the cash register of a fast food restaurant.

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