Habbo brings back downloadable Flash client even though Flash has stopped

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Online community Habbo is temporarily releasing its own downloadable Flash client due to issues with the Unity version of Habbo. Habbo does this even though Flash is officially end-of-life since January 1, and both Adobe and Windows no longer support Flash.

The developers of Habbo have decided to release a standalone, downloadable version of the Flash client packaged as an AIR app. This gives users access to their account, their avatars and all the features that Habbo has. The developers decided to do this due to persistent issues and bugs in Habbo’s Unity client that was supposed to replace the old Flash version of Habbo early this year due to Flash’s end-of-life. In any case, the Flash client should be running as long as the Unity client is not working properly.

In a community update, the developers write that it is “clear” that they were not fast enough in making progress to get the Unity client in a “bug-free and playable state” before the Flash was pulled on January 1. . “Basically, there’s just too much missing furniture and functionality and we can’t give you the gaming experience you deserve.” With the release of the Flash client, the developers hope to have time to work on the Unity client. They do say that they are focusing their attention on developing the Unity client, so don’t do anything about the Flash client.

To deploy the Flash client, users must download it as an Adobe AIR app from the Habbo home page. In the faq, the developers say that Windows Smartscreen probably warns against using Flash, but that users must still grant access. Mac users must manually authorize the use of the Flash client in the security and privacy settings and then enter an SSO ticket which can be found on the Habbo website.

Flash has been permanently discontinued at the beginning of this year and Adobe no longer supports Flash. Flash has been plagued by security problems for years. Windows released an update late last year that removes Flash from Windows 10 and 8.1 for good, after which it can no longer be restored. This is not distributed by default, but can be downloaded. Apple hasn’t supported Flash for a long time. Since Flash is definitely no longer supported, users have to put in a lot of effort to use the software anyway, potentially making their system vulnerable.

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