Google will stop using Google Bookmarks on September 30th

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Google will discontinue its Google Bookmarks service on September 30. The bookmarks tool will no longer be available, including through third-party apps, and after that time, users will no longer be able to export bookmarks. This is not about Bookmarks in the Chrome browser.

Google Bookmarks is a service released by Google in 2005 and is older than Chrome. Most users will rarely deal with Google Bookmarks as they use Chrome’s bookmarks option. The service was mainly used by some third party apps for syncing bookmarks between different devices, for example GBookmark. Nevertheless, there are users who still use the service, for example if they have more than one browser on their Android phone or as the homepage on their Chromebook.

Users will now receive a notification at the top of their screen that the service will no longer be supported as of September 30. They are prompted to export their bookmarks for that time if they want to keep them. Google does not provide more details. Google Bookmarks emphatically has nothing to do with the bookmarks stored in Chrome. Chrome uses its own bookmark manager.

According to 9to5Google, closing Bookmarks will not affect saved locations in Google Maps, although those are now saved in Bookmarks as well. Google says that saved locations with a star will still be accessible in Google Maps.

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