Metroidvania ‘hacker game’ Recompile launches on August 19

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Indiegame Recompile will be released on August 19 for Windows, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S. The makers describe the game as a Metroidvania hacking adventure, in which a semi-sapient program tries to prevent deletion.

Recompile is set in a mainframe and the entire story unfolds within one second of real time, the developers said. The game has a striking graphical style, which combines 3D platforming with puzzles and hacking based on logic.

The game is made by Phigames, a small independent studio based in Manchester. Dear Villages is the publisher and Recompile will be available for an undisclosed price on Steam, on the Epic Games Store and for the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The Xbox version is part of the Game Pass subscription.

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