Google will end Hangouts in November

Google Hangouts users have until November this year to switch to Chat. Those who are still using the Hangouts mobile app will see a notification asking Google to switch to Chat in Gmail or the Chat app.

In July Google starts migrating Hangouts users in Gmail to Chat in Gmail. The Hangouts dedicated webpage will remain available until “later this year.” Google already warns there that the service will be terminated and refers users to Google Chat. Google will automatically redirect users to Chat later. A month before this happens, the company will warn users about this.

Immediately, Google is warning mobile users that Hangouts is about to end and that they should use Chat in Gmail or the Chat app. After the switch, Google will also migrate existing conversations “for most users.” If you want to save your Hangouts history, you can download it via Google Takeout, but users must do this before November, the month in which Hangouts will stop permanently.

Google announced last year that it would stop Hangouts and migrate users to Chat. At the beginning of this year, the company already switched Workspace users to Chat. Google has not previously mentioned a definitive end date for Hangouts.