Google will downrank search results with good SEO, but little content

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Google says it will display search results with a good ranking for SEO, or search engine optimization, but little content in its search engine. The company is also coming with an update that should make good, original reviews easier to find.

Google writes that the update will impact the visibility of search results that “feel like they weren’t made by or for a human being” and instead are “designed to rank highly only on search engines.” The update aims to improve Google’s search results in multiple areas, including online education, art, entertainment, online shopping and technology. Beyond that, the improvements should also be noticeable, but these would be the most prominent themes in which results are improved.

The search giant does not report exactly how Google improves its results. However, the company writes in a more general sense that it is always working on improving its search results through its own tests and the input of people who review the search results. The internet giant says that the improved search results will be introduced worldwide in phases starting next week and that they will start with ‘English-speaking users’.

As for improvements to the discoverability of reviews, an update should make it ‘even easier to find good quality original reviews’. This update will follow sometime in the coming weeks and Google will not say anything about a language restriction.

Update, 9.25 pm: The original post suggested that the update in question will be released to English users. Google, on the other hand, says that the update will be released worldwide for English-speaking users. The message has been tightened. Thanks to richy3908.

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