Google uses Artificial Intelligence for the cooling system in the data center

Datacenters must be cool in order for the servers to function properly. In recent years Google worked on an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that can adapt to a cooling system.

Google Cooling System

Now the algorithm has everything under control in Google’s data center. The AI ​​has learned to keep the temperature as optimal as possible, but to save energy. The saving is about forty percent. Initially the recommendations of the system were first viewed and then applied. That took a lot of time, and eventually they automated the system.

There are always supervisors who monitor the system and intervene when necessary. Every five minutes the system makes a snapshot of the cooling system. This information goes to the neural networks, after which the AI ​​decides how the temperature can be maintained, while the energy consumption is as low as possible. After security checks, these decisions are implemented.

Energy consumption data centers

The AI ​​system can also be used in other places. Such a system can counter climate change. Attempts to reduce energy consumption in data centers are significant. Nevertheless, the cooling of a data center is only a small part of its total energy consumption. Other measures will therefore have to be taken.