Google TV gets a new design of the quick settings panel

The Google TV home screen has received a number of changes. One of the differences compared to the old home screen is the redesigned panel for quick settings. The new look will be rolled out from Friday.

It renewed quick settings menu has a grid of 2×2 tiles. You can change the settings for WiFi, screen saver, accessibility and Bluetooth. The date and time can now also be seen, along with a shortcut to the app with all settings. Previously there was only a tile for switching accounts and a tile for the settings and the screen saver. The new look is somewhat similar to the quick settings that can be found on Pixel phones.

The revamped look of the Google TV home screen has been implemented since February 23. The photo of the account can be seen in the top left corner of the screen as opposed to the top right in the previous versions. The button for movies and series has been removed. All content from those tabs has been moved to the ‘for you’ tab. Google Search has been moved from left to right along with the Google TV logo and the Google Assistant logo has disappeared. The quick settings button has been given the shape of a gear.

There’s still some fragmentation in the ‘Android on televisions’ landscape at the moment, thanks to the simultaneous presence of Android TV and Google TV. Google TV is intended to become a replacement for Android TV in the future. Google expressed that intention in 2020, but there are still devices around with Android TV, although the latter seems to be gaining ground. Google TV makes recommendations based on taste and is completely guided by content where Android TV is guided by what apps offer.

From left to right: the old and new quick settings panel and the old and new home screen. Pictures: 9to5Google