Google test function to merge notifications and toggles in Chrome OS

Google is testing a feature to merge the notifications and toggles into a single screen. Whoever runs the Canary-build of Chrome OS can try the function. Google does not yet consider him ready for the general public.

The option is a flag in Chrome OS, discovered Reddit user Inauspicious Pagan. Several users have already enabled the option. You can try that by looking up the flag on a Chrome OS machine with the address chrome://flags/#enable-system-tray-unified. Whoever switches on this flag will see the new menu.
The combined menu shows the toggles on the bottom and the notifications above, in windows with rounded corners. These rounded corners are part of what appears to be a new ‘design language’ from Google. The Developer Preview of Android P shows elements with the same type of design.
The Canary-build is the experimental version of Chrome OS. This is probably followed by a release in the Dev-build, after which he will still be in the Beta-build before he will be in the stable version of Chrome OS. There is a chance that Google will delete the feature in the meantime or change its appearance.
It is unknown if and when Google announces the feature. In a few weeks Google I / O will take place, the developer conference of the internet giant. That is often a place where the American company presents many new functions.