Google stops ota update Android Q beta 4 after bootloops Pixel devices

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Google began releasing the fourth beta of Android Q on Wednesday but stopped ota distribution after some Pixel phones showed bootloop issues. It seems to be mainly about the Pixel 2 XL.

Google announced the arrival of Android Q beta 4 on Wednesday, but Android Police noted that the rollout has been put on hold. The pause of the ota update follows messages from users of the Pixel XL 2 in particular that their device went into a bootloop after updating. Not every Pixel user had to deal with this, and at the same time, the problem didn’t seem to be limited to just the Pixel XL 2. Rebooting through recovery mode would help, but some might have to do a factory reset.

The fourth beta contains the final Android Q APIs for app developers to get started with. In addition, the sdk is now ready and apps developed for Q can be published in the Play Store. The beta also includes a simple toggle to activate dark mode and an option to display or not display sensitive content on the lockscreen. In addition, Cards & Passes can be linked to long presses of a smartphone’s power button for quick access. access to, for example, Android Pay. Google publishes release notes listing potential issues with the release.

Android Q includes extensive swipe controls, a dark mode, and several privacy improvements. You can read more about the new version of the operating system in the previews. A first look at Android Q and Android Q Beta 3 Preview.

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