Google retains all cryptomining extensions from the Chrome Web Store

Google has announced that it will ban all Chrome extensions from the Web Store that have a component for crypto mining with immediate effect. This does not apply to extensions that are related to blockchain instead of mining.

According to the search giant, no more cryptocurrency extensions have been accepted since Monday. The company does not say how this prohibition will be enforced. Existing extensions will be removed from the Web Store at the end of June, Google announces further. ‘Blockchain-related extensions’ can be controlled, even if the company does not define it.

Google writes that in recent months there has been an increase in the number of malicious extensions. They seem to have a legitimate goal, but also contain a mining component. This means that users’ CPUs are used to extract cryptocurrencies, without permission being requested. In that case there is also cryptojacking . This in turn affects the energy consumption and performance of the device on which the software runs, according to Google

Until recently, it was allowed to offer mining extensions in the Chrome Web Store, provided conditions were met. For example, mining had to be the only function of the extension and the developer had to inform the user sufficiently about this. Google reports that 90 percent of the mining extensions did not meet these conditions, blocking or removing them.