Google releases stable version of Android 11

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Google will release the first stable version of Android 11 for Pixel smartphones on Tuesday. New beta versions are also available for a number of devices from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and realme. Pixel users get a number of unique features.

Android 11 appears for the Pixel 2 and newer and according to Google, the operating system also comes directly for a number of devices from the manufacturers mentioned. Other brands will be releasing Android 11 upgrades in the coming months. According to XDA Developers, the other manufacturers that Google mentions are beta versions. The site says that for the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, Oppo Find X2, Oppo Find X2 Pro, Oppo Ace2, Oppo Reno3 4G, Oppo Reno3 Pro 4G and the realme X50 Pro are available.

Google lists a number of innovations from Android 11. The manufacturer puts a lot of emphasis on Bubbles, a new way to display chat conversations that, according to Google, makes it easier to multitask. Android 11 also offers the possibility to make screen recordings, without the need for external software. Many smartphone manufacturers already have screen recorders built into their Android releases themselves.

Android 11 gives users more control over their privacy and data, Google says. For example, it is possible to give one-time permissions for the use of the microphone, camera and location. Furthermore, the new operating system automatically resets certain permissions of apps that have not been used for a long time. Google also emphasizes that more security and privacy updates can be sent to phones via Google Play, without the need for a full OS update.

Google has put a page online with the exclusive features that Pixel users get in the new operating system. For example, the OS contains a Smart Reply function on the keyboard, which provides suggestions for completing text in chat apps. This works when using English in conjunction with Gboard, and Google notes that it doesn’t work for all chat apps. The processing of the input is done locally, Google emphasizes that it is therefore a privacy-friendly feature.

Also, Android 11 on Pixel phones can provide app suggestions based on users’ daily routines. In addition, Google promises better options for selecting text and images and Pixel phones automatically make suggestions for folder names where users store multiple apps on the home screen.

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