Google releases Nearby Share for Chromebooks

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Google has released the Nearby Share feature for ChromeOS. Users with Chromebooks can exchange files with other users, both from other Chromebooks and Android devices.

Nearby Share is Google’s protocol for exchanging messages and files, similar to Apple’s AirDrop. Nearby Share recognizes nearby devices with bluetooth, then can transfer files via bluetooth or Bluetooth-LE, WebRTC or WiFi direct. Nearby Share chooses which protocol fits best. Google writes that users can share files with other Chromebooks nearby, as well as Android devices that support the feature.

Google already released Nearby Share for Android smartphones in February. The company said at the time that Chromebooks would also be supported “later in 2021”. Not all smartphones support Nearby Share yet; these are still mainly Pixels and various Samsung phones, but Google is adding more and more. The feature comes in there through Play Services.

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