Google puts the final line through its own mobile VR platform Daydream

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Google has discontinued support for its Daydream VR platform with effect from Android 11, which has just been released. Google doesn’t give a reason, but at the time of the sales freeze of the accompanying headset last year, it said that Daydream was underused. “The Daydream VR app is no longer officially supported by Google and may not work properly on devices running Android 11 or later, ”Google says on its support website. So what still works with Daydream for now is a bonus, but what doesn’t work, Google won’t help with that; not with a software update and not with customer service.At the time of the headset’s sales freeze, Google reported that a flaw of the system was that users did not like the fact that in Daydream mode they could not easily access their other, non-Daydream apps can. Getting the phone in and out of the headset would be cumbersome. The Daydream platform was released in 2016 and is basically an Android environment for VR apps and games. Google made a Daydream View headset, a holder in which a phone should be placed and opened the platform to other manufacturers. Lenovo made the Mirage Solo, a standalone Daydream headset, but other manufacturers have never ventured to do so. HTC did announce a similar headset, but never released it.
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