Google publishes fix for data loss Chrome’s WebView on Android

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Google has released an updated version of Chrome 79 for Android. The release fixes the bug in WebView that caused data loss issues for apps that used the rendering component.

Google reassures in the release notes of Chrome 79.0.3945.93 for Android that the app data was not removed, just simply not visible in external apps that use WebView. With the update, the data becomes visible again.

Earlier this week, Google was forced to pause the update to version 79 of Chrome on Android after it appeared that apps using the WebView extension no longer showed data. The problem turned out to be a failure to migrate localstorage, WebSQ and journal files for cookies and QuotaManager. Google developers alerted developers to the existence of beta versions, which could have exposed the bug.

Other changes from Chrome 79.0.3945.93 on Android are that the browser will now warn if an entered password has been leaked before. There is also support for the WebXR Device API for VR on the web and favorites can now be moved from place to place in the list.

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