Google opens its first brick and mortar store in London

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Google has opened the doors of the Google Shop on Tottenham Court Road in London. It is the first physical store that the internet giant will open and in which the company will display and sell products.

The American company will display its ‘own’ products in the Google Shop, such as various Chromebooks, a number of Android phones and tablets, and the Chromecast dongle. Store staff will provide demonstrations and mini-courses on the various products to visitors to the Google Shop, The Telegraph reports.

The Google Shop in London is the first store that the internet company opens under its own name. Google previously opened a number of Chrome Zones in the United Kingdom together with electronics chain Dixons, while the company also opened a number of Androidlands in Australia. That spot, in Curry’s PC World, had been home to a Chrome Zone for several years.

Google isn’t the only internet company opening a brick and mortar store; Amazon is said to have plans to open a shop in New York.

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