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Google Maps will use smartphone camera for AR display

Google updates its Maps service on mobile with a view for augmented reality. In this context, Maps uses the camera of the smartphone to provide navigation instructions on the camera image.

The AR display allows a user of Google Maps to point his smartphone at the street scene and see directly in the camera view which side he or she needs to reach a destination. Google announced the arrival of the function during its I / O developer event. In addition, the company showed how an avatar in the form of a fox guides the user by walking ahead.

Google has further updated the Explore button . This now opens a view with eateries, events and activities in the neighborhood, with lists of places that are trending. There is the Foodie List for restaurants. Users can also check off where they have been. In addition, Maps indicates with a percentage how likely it is that the user will appreciate a restaurant or activity in the neighborhood. Finally, users can create and share shortlists, to vote together what the destination is.


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