Software update: Matomo 3.5.0

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Version 3.5.0 of Matomo has been released. Matomo is the new name of Piwik and is an open source alternative for Google Analytics . It uses php and a MySQL database to do its job. The functionality can easily be extended with plug-ins of which more than twenty are supplied. Of course you can also turn it off if certain functionality is not necessary. For more information about Matomo we refer to this page and an overview of the planning can be found on this page . The release notes for this edition are as follows:

Matomo 3.5.0
Matomo 3.5.0 brings you many new Privacy tools to help comply with GDPR regulations . For example you can easily export, or delete, data for any visit or visitor. New tools were introduced to let you Anonymise old historical data (IP Address, replace User ID with a pseudonym, etc.), and for asking for user consent. You will also enjoy better security for example: Tracking codes will more often use HTTPS. And you can configure Matomo to connect to your database on SSL. Matomo performs also better under high data processing load with several performance improvements.
-> And an important news: you can now enable the new GeoIp2 plugin in order to use the modern geolocation database. So we recommend if possible that you try the GeoIp2 geolocation driver for more accurate geolocation information. Since Geoip1 databases are not updated anymore, we recommend you try Geoip2 if possible.
Finally, we’ve made several Privacy-by-design improvements to our Tracker Proxy tool (useful to hide your Matomo URL when tracking many websites into the same Matomo instance).

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