Google is working on Google TV features in the field of conferencing, fitness, smart home

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Google is working to give the Google TV platform more functionalities in the field of fitness, conferencing and control of smart home equipment. These features could become available in the coming months, but there is no concrete release date yet.

Rob Caruso, UX Product Manager, said in an interview with Protocol about the 110 million active Android TV and Google TV devices. According to the publication, Google is exploring “multiple potential uses” in fitness. This may also involve integration of the Google services Google Fit and Fitbit.

With regard to smart home control, Caruso refers to recent changes in that area with Android. There it is now possible, for example, to operate smart home equipment linked to Assistant via the power menu. On Google TV, users now have to get a third party app or the Google Assistant.

In terms of video conferencing, Google is looking at the possibility of involving Zoom in an expansion in this area, but did not provide more information. The man also reports that Google is working on offering more free television channels on the platform. Protocol writes that the company wants to offer the user more, even if they do not yet have subscriptions to streaming services. “We want these TVs to amaze you immediately after unpacking,” he says.

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