References to possible Wi-Fi 6E router from Eero popping up at FCC

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Amazon subsidiary Eero seems to be getting ready to launch Wi-Fi 6E routers. Documents that can be viewed at the American FCC speak, among other things, of an Eero Pro 6E router.

Documents for an Eero 6 Plus and an Eero Pro 6E can be seen at the FCC. Its model numbers are R010001 and S010001 respectively; both are not yet available on Eero’s website. In the further texts, however, Wi-Fi 6E is not mentioned and the list of frequencies used is missing that belong to this W-Fi technology, but perhaps the filing is still incomplete.

Wi-Fi 6E is a relatively new standard when it comes to wireless communication and not many products support this standard yet. In fact, if you search the Pricewatch now, you will see that no router with these features is available yet. Announcements have been made by brands such as Netgear, Asus, TP-Link and Linksys. Eero may soon join that list. Prices for these types of separate routers are around 400 to 500 euros.

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