Google is laying sea cable between the US, United Kingdom and Spain

Google has announced the arrival of a new sea cable. The cable to be installed in the Atlantic Ocean will run from the east coast of the United States to Spain and the United Kingdom.

The sea cable is called Grace Hopper and, according to Google, is intended to increase the resilience of the network that forms the basis for Google’s services and products for consumers and business users. The company also mentions Meet, Gmail and Google Cloud. Google also notes that the connection with Spain will lead to the upcoming Google Cloud region in Madrid being better integrated into the global infrastructure.

Grace Hopper runs from New York City, arriving in Bilbao in Spain and Bude in the UK, in the southwest of the United Kingdom. The cable will consist of sixteen fiber optic pairs. This does not lead to a relatively high capacity, although Google reports that the cable uses new optical fibers that are more reliable and better able to route traffic around disruptions. The company refers to an innovative switching architecture; Grace Hopper is the first submarine cable to use this, according to Google. Google does not say anything about the capacity of the sea cable.

The cable will be Google’s fourth private cable. The company already has a sea cable between North, Central and South America, a cable between Virginia Beach and the French coast, and a cable that runs from Portugal to two points on the west coast of Africa. Grace Hopper is being built by the American company Subcom and the cable is scheduled to be ready in 2022. The name is a reference to computer scientist Grace Brewster Murray Hopper.