Google is adding YouTube live streaming option to Stadia

Google will add the YouTube livestreaming feature to its Stadia game streaming service from Tuesday. The feature has been coming since Stadia became available a year ago and will be available to everyone from Tuesday.

Users have to fill in a few options, such as a title, whether the stream is for children and whether a counter with the number of viewers should be shown, 9to5Mac reports. The option will be at the top of Stadia’s Friends menu, the site says, based on a hands-on with the upcoming feature.

There are several options for audio. The game’s audio can always be heard, but optionally, streamers can choose to allow viewers to chat privately with each other, to have only their own voices heard, or to let everyone join the chat.

The ability to stream was already in the code in February. With the announcement of Stadia, Google promised that you could watch a stream of a game on YouTube, and then continue playing the same game with one click. That position does not seem to be there yet.