Google introduces ‘pay as you go’ model for revamped Maps API

Google has introduced the so-called Google Maps Platform as a ‘simplified’ variant of its Maps API for developers. For example, there is one pricing structure that uses a ‘pay as you go’ model. From 11 June, a credit card is required for this.

Google will announce the changes in a blog post. On the new pricing, the search giant says that using its Maps APIs will still be free for most, depending on usage. The new pricing replaces the current standard and premium options. Users get a ‘free credit’ of two hundred dollars a month and only when this is used are they actually charged. The change does mean that from June 11, users will need a valid API key and enable billing, which requires a credit card. It is also possible to work with a direct debit, as noted by a tweaker. Google is also introducing free support for all users.

The company states that it categorizes its eighteen APIs into three categories: Maps, Routes, and Places. This should make it easier to add features to apps, for example. In that regard, the company also says it offers new services for companies involved in ridesharing, i.e. taxi services, or asset tracking. For example, the taxi services can use Google Maps within their app.