Samsung offers smartphone makers pre-tuned camera module

Samsung has presented a camera module for the first time that smartphone makers can buy with pre-set optimizations. With that package, Samsung also supplies lenses and other parts from other suppliers.

Because the lenses and other parts are included, manufacturers must be able to plug the module into their smartphone, after which it is ready for use, Samsung reports. That would save up to four months of development time for matching camera sensor, lens and software. It is unknown whether there are already customers for the ‘plug & play camera module’.

The module is an S5K3P9 and it has a 1/3.1″ sensor with pixels each one micron in size. Thanks to Samsung’s Tetracell technology, the software can grab the information from four surrounding pixels to improve photos in low light. goes with phase detection.The maximum resolution is sixteen megapixels.

The camera sensor is available to manufacturers immediately. It is still unknown which phones will receive this camera module. Given the specifications, it will be midrange models; many high-end models have a camera with a larger sensor.