Google Home appears to be getting Apple Music support

There are indications that the Google Home will receive support for Apple’s Music streaming service. The Google Home app for iOS mentions Apple Music as a service for music, although the link with speakers has not yet been made.

Apple Music’s entry in the Google Home app for iOS can be seen in a screenshot shown by MacRumors. Despite the presence of Apple’s offer in the list of music services, the Google Home cannot yet be linked to it, the site writes.

Previously, however, Apple Music didn’t appear in the list at all, but in a separate section of the app, with services that are “limited”, stating that the service is “available on iOS devices only.”

The arrival of Apple Music to the Google Home would not be completely unexpected. In December, the Amazon Echo already received support for the music service, followed by support for other speakers with Amazon Alexa. Apple is moving towards more services and therefore making its offerings available on more third-party devices.