Google enables group video calls in Duo and comes with data saver

Google has added a number of new features to Duo, including the ability to have a group conversation. In addition, a function has been built in to save data during video calls, and a possibility to make personal video messages.

According to Google, video calling in groups is possible up to a maximum of eight people, where each participant in the conversation can be shown on the screen. For example, it is possible to select a group of people who are then called; once they record, their video feed appears on the screen. The group chat capability has been made available globally for both Android and iOS via an update to the companion app.

Duo has also been given a way to save data; a special function has been built in for this that users can activate if they have a small data bundle, for example. Google doesn’t elaborate on how data is saved, but it is likely that stronger compression will be applied to the video, which means less data is needed for the ‘lite’ version. For now, the data-saving functionality is only available in India, Brazil and Indonesia, but other countries are likely to follow soon.

Finally, Google has made it possible to create personalized video messages with text and emojis. It is also possible to draw on a video message.