Google at least this year does not reveal its own smartwatch

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Despite rumors circulating for months, including through well-known smartphone connoisseur Evleaks, in 2018 Google will not reveal its own smartwatch. This is what the tech giant says in an interview with techsite Tom’s Guide.

In addition to the rumors about a Google smartwatch Google christened Android Wear in March to Wear OS and got earlier this month Wear OS a update that gave Google Assistant a prominent place in the interface. These developments in the otherwise quiet area of ​​Android smartwatches could also suggest that the rumors are correct and that these developments are an advance to a Google smartwatch.
According to Tom’s Guide google will concentrate to improve the Wear OS and to collaborate with third parties who make smartwatches, such as Casio, Fossil and Skagen. The company states that developments in this area are not yet advanced enough to bring a type of smartwatch to the market that everyone has something that Google would like. Furthermore, it is working on an update for Wear OS that needs to improve battery life. This update should appear early in 2019.
In addition to the rumors about a Pixel Watch, there are numerous rumors about the Pixel 3 online. It seems very likely that it will be revealed during Googles upcoming presentation, which according to Bloomberg will take place in New York on 9 October.
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