Product photos of Fujifilm X-T3 system camera appear online

Official product photos of the Fujifilm X-T3 system camera appeared online. According to a rumor, the new camera will be announced on September 6th. Reportedly, it can be filmed in 4k resolution with 60fps and the maximum shooting speed is considerably increased.

The Japanese camera blog Nokishita has put a number of product photos of the X-T3 online. The new camera is very similar in design to its predecessor, the X-T2. For example, the rotating wheels for the exposure compensation, the iso value and the shutter speed are all in the same spot, although the wheels seem slightly thinner than the X-T2. The handgrip seems to be the same, even Fujirumors reports that it is slightly larger.
According to rumors the X-T3 receives a backside illuminated sensor, of which the resolution is still unknown. The X-T2 has a regular 24.3 megapixel sensor of the aps-c format. The new sensor would make it possible to film in 4k resolution with 60 frames per second; the released two years ago X-T2 does not reach more than 30fps in 4k resolution. The new camera would have 425 focal points, with phase detection of the entire sensor. The X-T3 would not have stabilization in the body.
The maximum photographing speed of the X-T2 is 8fps with the mechanical shutter and without the battery grip, and 14fps when the electronic shutter is used. With the Fujifilm X-T3, this has reportedly increased to 11fps with the mechanical shutter and 20fps with the electronic shutter. The latter would end up at 30fps in a 1.25x crop mode. With this maximum photographing speed of 20fps, the X-T3 comes at the same level as the Sony A9 or the Panasonic G9. All this would be possible through a new sensor and image processor. According to reports, the X-T3 is announced on September 6.