Google also lets browser version Gmail work offline from June

Googles e-mail service Gmail will also work offline from June. The search giant reports this in a mailing to administrators of G Suite accounts. Gmail will also receive a new design and support for the Smart Reply’s function.

Users can test the functions earlier via an Early Adopters Program, reports The Verge . In addition to the new design, Gmail will be able to work without an internet connection, provided the site has already been able to cache emails. Users can also ‘snooze’ emails so that they return to the inbox later. That is a feature that Google had previously made for Gmail variant Inbox. There will also be Smart Reply’s, where Google proposes short answers if it recognizes text.
It is likely that Gmail will become a progressive web app. These are sites that have many properties of an app. The site has a manifesto where developers can define the label and icon for the home screen. Moreover, a progressive web app has so-called ‘service workers’ to make the site work offline. The new browser version of Gmail not only replaces the current browser version, but also the Chrome app from Gmail. Last year, Google took offline .