'Automatic brightness no longer works after screen repair of new iPhones'

Apple’s iOS no longer automatically adjusts the brightness when users have replaced the screen. It does not matter whether Apple has supplied the screen or not.

This concerns replacement screens for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X with iOS 11.1 or higher, reports Engadget on the basis of information from repairers. The problem does not occur if people have the repair done by Apple, but if that happens at other repair companies.
In addition, iOS seems to deactivate the light sensor, so the automatic brightness no longer works. As a result, many people will think that the repair was not successful, because the screen does not work optimally. Users can still adjust the brightness manually in the settings of iOS.
Apple has already made repairs to third parties more often. For example, it is impossible to replace the Home button of the iPhone 5s or newer without replacing the entire motherboard. In addition, Apple says that this step was necessary for safety. However, this does not apply to screen repairs; the screens in question are from Apple.
According to repairers’ estimates, tens of thousands of people are now using an iPhone without automatic brightness. Apple did not confirm or deny the information; the company does not want to respond.