Google adds real-time transcribing and translation to Translate app

Google has made a feature to transcribe audio in real time and translate it instantly, available through its Translate app. It works in eight languages. The update will come to the Android app in the coming days, and later to iOS as well.

Transcribe works in English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai. With the function, users can have spoken texts transcribed directly by the app, possibly in a translation of their choice. The app will receive a new Transcribe icon for this. As with other translations, you can choose a source and a target language.

According to Google, the function works best in a quiet environment with one person talking at a time. The function was already tested last year and Google demonstrated the function in January. The live unsubscribe and instant translation should be available to all users of the Google Translate apps for Android and iOS in the coming days.