Google adds option for price notifications of cheaper flights to Travel

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Google makes it possible to monitor flight prices to a specific destination via Google Travel. Users can now choose to receive notifications when a flight costs less than average, even without entering a predefined period.

Users can consent to receive email updates when flight prices between the next 3 and 6 months to a particular location are extra favorable, e.g. Google explains. It was already possible to get current price information for pre-specified periods via Google Flights.

The new feature is now available through Google Flights; users must select a departure point, destination and optionally a period. They can then enable the ‘price tracking’ option, after which Google will send price notifications and travel tips to the currently logged in Google account.

In addition, the Travel functionality has been expanded with an option to save travel plans. Selected destinations, flights and sights can be saved in a folder so that you can continue planning a trip later.

Furthermore, Google Hotels offers more options to filter on preferences of the location of a hotel. For example, travelers can indicate whether they find public transport, shopping or restaurants important, after which the map shows via an overlay which hotels are located in the vicinity of those facilities. Finally, Google adds the option to generate a radius around a location in which all facilities can be reached by car or on foot within 15 or 30 minutes.

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