Google adds kid-friendly section to Stadia games library

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Google will be adding a new section to Stadia’s game library on Friday. The section will be filled with five new titles coming to the streaming platform. The category only includes games that according to Google are suitable for the whole family.

The first games to come to the family section are titles aimed at children. They are mainly based on popular movies and series such as Ice Age and Paw Patrol. In an update to its website, Google has published a list of the first five titles. The games all come from publisher Outright games.

The section will be introduced alongside already existing categories such as action games and party games. Incidentally, the kid-friendly section does not mean that the rest of the library is automatically protected. Parents can set with an age rating which games certain users within a family group can see.

When Stadia was released, the library was criticized for only being able to scroll through the list of games. Meanwhile, Google has made searching the library easier. For example, a search bar was added to Stadia in the browser at the beginning of this year. The library in the app has to do without.

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