GitHub tweaks interface and promises dark mode

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GitHub has tweaked its site’s interface to help developers better display and maintain their repositories. The team behind GitHub is also promising a dark mode.

GitHub has made some layout changes to the display of project repositories. For example, the menu bar with items Code, Pull requests and Security has been moved from the center to the left. Also on the home page of repositories there is a new menu section to the right of the screen and the design of the buttons and other parts has had a small update.

GitHub further mentions changes to the responsive layout on mobile and the ability to show or not show Releases, Packages and Environments. This design should form the basis for further improvements and a dark mode is also on the way, Github promises.

Not everyone is happy with the changes. On Reddit, users complain, among other things, that there are too many white areas and that the circular display of photos from contributors is not beautiful. A user refers to Firefox extensions that bring back the old view.

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